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St Helena Extras

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St Helena Extras

At St Helena Early Learning we will work hard to become the leaders in our community and industry. To do this, we understand that we need to provide our children, families and educators with as many opportunities to grow, learn, develop and succeed.

We are very excited with the amazing extra-curricular programs and services that we are able to implement to enhance our St Helena curriculum, learning, development, health and well-being.

The programs that we currently have in place are:

Kelly Sports Program

Kelly sports operate sports programs in over 300 pre-schools and childcare centres around Australia. The team at Kelly Sports understand the importance of physical activity in young children and endeavour to provide children with fun and organised sporting activities. Activity and movement helps children develop not only their bodies, but their brains, their ability to learn and their social skills.

Our weekly Kelly Sports program includes all mainstream sports, each session is run by Qualified Coach Stefan. The sessions develop fundamental motor skills, they encourage children to associate physical activity with fun, they fosters social interaction skills such as co-operation, sharing, turn taking, supporting and encouraging others. The sessions also develop concentration and listening skills.

For more information on our Kelly Sports program please speak to one of our fabulous St Helena Educators or you can visit https://www.kellysports.com.au

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Fun-Key Yoga

Our Fun-Key Yoga Program is a perfect blend of relaxation techniques combined with noisy and animated fun that absolutely captivates the children.

Danni our yoga instructor use storytelling, games, music and props to engage the children on a mental and physical level, taking them on a journey of mind and spirit. Promoting health and well-being, the children have a strong sense of self and belonging while stretching their bodies and brains in a playful and nurturing environment.

Our weekly yoga sessions focus on breath and energy, the sessions provide the children with basic tools that assist in managing anxiety and self-regulation. Our fun-key yoga sessions enhance:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Body awareness
  • Mindfulness, imagination and concentration
  • Balance and coordination

For more information on our Fun-Key Yoga program please speak to one of our fabulous St Helena Educators or you can visit https://heydeeho.com.au

Bush Kinder

Every child is given the opportunity to enjoy nature. The adventure, climbing a tree, jumping in a puddle, exploring and touching mud, dirt, leaves, catching bugs and connecting with our earth. Bush Kinder allows children the opportunity to do this in a supportive environment.

Drawing inspiration from European forest preschools, our Bush Kinder Program is a child led, highly enriched, sensory and outdoor educational program. The program has been developed for children to receive optimum opportunity for free, uninterrupted play in a rich natural environment that is ideal for children as natural learners to explore

At St Helena Early Learning we are strong advocates for children spending time outside and creating a safe space for children to take risks, use their imaginations and experience learning in the outdoors. Our weekly Bush Kinder sessions do exactly this.

For more information on our Bush Kinder program please speak to one of our fabulous St Helena Educators

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Language Program

We know that teaching children a foreign language helps with brain development and lays the foundation for lifelong academic achievement, with the impact greatest the earlier the language is learnt hence why we have incorporated a language program into our curriculum.

At St Helena Early Learning we have engaged a fantastic Qualified Italian Teacher and a fantastic Qualified Portuguese Teacher who both visit our centre on a weekly basis to conduct a language program. The programs and sessions will provide a natural approach to a new language by experimenting with words, play, songs, music, movement and stories.

Hey Dee Ho Music and Movement Program

Music and movement programs have been shown to improve children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills, motor skills, balance and coordination and expressive ability.

Hey Dee Ho have been providing music and movement education programs for the babies, toddlers and pre-schooler children since 1987. Today, they provide programs to approximately 400 Early Learning Centres across Australia with over 15,000 children participating in Hey Dee Ho programs every week.

With over 30 years’ experience in the early childhood education sector, the Hey Dee Ho Music Teachers are continually ensuring their programs are innovative and reflect best practice. Hey Dee Ho visit our centre on a weekly to basis to provide our children with an interactive music and movement program.

The program includes:
• Singing
• Instrument play
• Dancing, and;
• Theatre

For more information on our Hey Dee Ho program please speak to one of our fabulous St Helena Educators or visit https://heydeeho.com.au

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Harry the Helper

We are excited to announce that St Helena Early Learning is working towards becoming a Certified Harry Helper Early Learning Centre. This community initiative was established in 2018 out of a need to strengthen young children’s knowledge and resilience. Harry Helper empowers children to be confident helpers. The program includes:

1. Building Belief: self-confidence in helping themselves and others.
2. Body Basics: age-appropriate understanding of their bodies
3. First Aid: simple, age-appropriate first aid that helps them feel empowered
4. Safety: real-life ways they can keep themselves safe

This incursion will be offered each term throughout 2019 to our 3-5 year old children.

We also have other programs that we are currently trying to put in place which include:

Regular visits from Health Professionals such as a GP, Speech Pathologist, Dentist, Optometrist and a Maternal Child Health Nurse.